The New Man

Ok, so this is the section where I’m supposed to tell you about myself without sounding big-headed or egotistical – or the opposite; so damn intellectual and modestly witty it becomes so infuriating you feel like strangling a kitten.

Maybe, rather than the normal About page, we can do a 360 and have readers write their own About page of myself? While I could entertain the thought on a hypothetical level, I’m not so sure I’m ready to read what other people (or colleagues!) think of me. I may just burst into tears, for all I know!

A friend recently sent me an article published in the New Statesman by Grayson Perry titled The rise and fall of Default Man. It talks about how society is dominated by straight, white, middle-class, middle-aged men. The author calls this tribe Default Man. It’s a terrific read, and when I say ‘terrific’ I mean it more in the archaic sense of the word. Anyway, my friend said that after having read that article and my blog he thought I would be a good example of the opposite of Default Man.

He called it the New Man.

The New Man in Berlin


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