A New Beginning

Saturday 11:34, Rocket Barber Shop, Hackney Road, London

It has been awfully quiet on a The Executive Kitchen for the last few months, but I trust you haven’t been losing sleep over this, because neither have I. In fact, I’ve had quite an eventful summer to say the least.

More out of curiosity than anything else I had a quick look at the fancy stats page kindly provided by WordPress and I had a good old chuckle to myself. The number of visitors and readers are bizarrely proportional to the number of new posts. The beautiful charts presented look like the inverse of a revenue graph as if proudly proclaiming ‘Look! The less you write the more you suck!’. I know, my creative flair and passion for sharing my insights have gone down the proverbial drain.

Now, staring failure straight in the eyes was never my forte, so this is my attempt to inject life into the blog and maybe some insight and laughter into yours. but with some changes:

It won’t be focused on my MBA as I’ve decided to take a study break. As I’ve taken the sideways and downward step into the life of an SAE in medical communications it makes little sense to study management when I need to learn all things pharma. Management can wait.

I’d like my blog to continue focusing on topics related to work but I may cast a wider net. Without revealing too much, I think the next topic will be on the ethical dilemma of expensive cancer drugs. You have been warned.

It’s no longer necessary to count the number of days as in previous headings. I mean, who really cares? It’s not like I’m on an intergalactic solo mission keeping a log.

So to all my 341 readers out there, from my dear friends over the Pond to those unbeknown readers in South Korea and Brazil, I’m back, so please keep on reading; it does warm my little heart every time someone reads what I’ve written.