Why Accountancy Isn’t Fun But Perhaps Should Be – Day 128

Sunday 08:46, Svampstigen, Salem, Stockholm

I recently started the unit on accountancy and finance for managers. I know, yawn.

Initially, I was excited to work with numbers but I’m finding it extremely challenging to stay focused and motivated. I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone in their right mind would want to be accountants. I can only assume it is a passion for numbers and business. And if there are any accountants readying this, no offence meant.

Friends have been sending me encouraging words of support upon hearing that I’ve started this unit. My motivation is practically zero, but I continue to wake up at 5.15am every morning, but instead of studying I find myself transferring photos to iCloud, checking work e-mail and browse the net. Even other MBA students are struggling too, which is comforting for no other reason than knowing I’m not alone.

But really, accountancy should be fun. Or at least not dry and boring.

Here why:

  1. The maths isn’t difficult and accountancy is basically applied maths. I was looking forward to working with numbers in this unit, as I find it way easier than memorizing who said what when.
  2. Accountancy is like learning a new language and once you have mastered the basics you will be able to communicate.
  3. As a senior manager, if you remain unaware of your organisation’s proft and loss and cash flow, and if you don’t understand concepts of all financial statements and a decent amount of ratios, you’re basically flying blind.

And here’s why it isn’t:

  1. I’ve never had the opportunity to work on balance sheets, income statements nor profit and loss accounts, hence while it should be relevant it isn’t. Even now in my current position, I only have access to my organisation’s proft and loss, but not anything else (due to confidential information).
  2. It’s challenging to write a pedagogical piece on accountancy that isn’t dry and the module team at the OU hasn’t succeeded. They have actually failed abysmally, as this unit contains three pages of errata. Seriously? As if this unit wasn’t challenging enough.
  3. Self-motivation is particularly hard due to 1 and 2.

I need to find out what the pass mark is for the next tutor-marked assignment (TMA), which is due in on March 25. The assignment consists of working out a dozen ratios for Telefonica and then writing a 2,000-word essay on whether Telefonica should be worried about competition from Deutche Telekom.

As I’ve done ok on my other TMAs (cumulative mark of 62), I can ‘afford’ to do extremely badly on this unit.

Or, I get my shit together.

This weekend in Sweden and a work trip to Abu Dhabi coming up before the TMA is due, I honestly think it won’t be the latter.


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