Thoughts While Waiting for a Haircut – Day 103

Wednesday 17:38, Rocket Barber Shop, Hackney Road, London

Today I’ve been at FSG for six months and received via e-mail the good news that I’ve passed my probation!


There’s hardly a queue at Rocket today, so this entry will be uncharacteristically short. I’ve therefore decided to summarise my six months at FSG with my top 5 list of achievements and small victories:

  1. I’ve created a team. I cannot stress the importance of this. If you don’t have a team that believes what you believe and share the same goals and aspirations, as a manager, you’re in for a real struggle. Luckily, the guys are great. Lots of banter and jokes and with the continuous effort we will secure another year of double-digit growth.
  2. Instil best practice across sales and marketing. The saying goes ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’ and in my case there has been a lot of fixing. From small tweaks here and there to some significant systems overhalls. But in the end of the day, everyone has welcomed the incremental changes and improvements to make us a strong commercial unit.
  3. Turned copywriting upside-down. One of my frustrations in my previous company was the way our marketing approach copy. It’s actually really difficult and generally a marketer is not a great copywriter and vice versa. One of the aspects that I love in my current role is that I can implement and train individuals on how to write compelling copy. I’m inspired by great writers and communicators from all walks of life, but especially Simon Sinek.
  4. Remover of obstacles. My former line manager presented himself on his first day of taking over the management of the sales team like the remover of obstacles. I’ve learnt a lot from him, and one of the things that stuck was this phrase. As a line manager, you have to stretch and support, but if you don’t remove the obstacles in people’s way, your stretching and supporting will be in vain. I continually challenge my team to think differently and challenge the status quo. And if I can remove whatever they feel is in their way, I sure as hell will.
  5. Grew the sales and marketing team from 6 to 11 individuals. There are huge opportunities for us and with a strong and hard-working team I know 2015 will be successful.

I can feel it in my bones!


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