Some Days Are Just Not Made for Trying to Get Things Done – Day 29

Saturday 17:44, Old Bethnal Green Road, London

Some days are just not made for trying to get things done. Like today, for example. I was full of good intentions and felt as motivated as ever to delve into my studies, but when I sat down by the kitchen table, on a padded chair for optimal comfort (I anticipated a long session), and I opened the chapter on change management, it immediately became obvious it was going to be an uphill struggle. An hour later, after reviewing what I had read and learnt, I gave up.

Change management is something that most of us have experienced at some time in our professional lives. Truth be told, I would even go as far as saying that most of us are experiencing it now, and possibly, all the time. As before, the topic fascinates me, which is why I was somewhat surprised when my thoughts would not stop wondering while reading about the various theoretical models of change management.

You look well, Toño. Although your eyes tell me you are a little tired‘, my father said when I skyped briefly with him and my mother, who are travelling in Latin America at the moment, escaping the long and predictably harsh winter of Sweden. ‘I don’t understand why you have to push yourself so hard! It really is unnecessary.‘, my sister exclaimed during our phone call a moment ago.

Well, some days are just not made for trying to get things done.  I wish there were a system; an app perhaps, or maybe something more sophisticated like a live-in, computerised avatar, who could tell you what your capabilities were going to be for the day.

Good morning, handsome‘, my avatar would say. I would program him (or her) to always be complementary, no matter what state my face and hair would be in. ‘Today will be a sunny and mild day, you will feel amazing until noon, after which you will feel a little tired and light-headed. Don’t attempt to do anything that requires more than 5% of your brain capacity, like studying. It will be a complete failure, and it might stress you out.’

This kind of advice would be priceless, as I would turn down the notch a little, enjoy another coffee in bed, and perhaps have an afternoon nap.

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