Thoughts While Waiting for a Haircut – Day 17

Monday 18:17, Rocket Barber Shop, Hackney Road, London

Rocket Barber Shop is an über cool place on Hackney Road, East London. It’s got that weird balance of trendy, cheap and cool – and lots of beards, of course. It also has a huge queue, which means I have time to reflect on what has been going on.

I’m three weeks into my MBA and, if I’m going to be optimistic, it’s so far so good. It’s of course tough; in many ways much harder than I thought, and while I’m trying to be as perceptive as possible on how this MBA if affecting those around me, at times I struggle, and the whole life-work-study balance thing goes straight out the window, which never was the intention. At the recent Day School we were told by one of the tutors that ‘it’s determination and stamina, not intelligence that will get you through’. Well, we’ll see.

There are many things I’m still trying to get used to. Like waking up at 5:30am. The tactic I’ve developed to roll out of bed and into the chair where I normally sit and study involves complete annihilation of any trace of doubt why I’m up at this unholy hour. It’s like switching to autopilot and manoeuvring myself from the bedroom, through the corridor – without tripping on my treacherous trainers trying to ambush me – and into the kitchen. The second tactic involves what started as a double shot but now has evolved into a triple shot flat white. Needless to say, I don’t even know what has hit me by the time I’ve opened up my Mac or text book.

Another coping mechanism (I guess that’s what they are) is that I’m approaching the MBA in as small chunks as possible. To imagine I’ll be doing this for an entire year, even three, is at the moment completely beyond comprehension. It’s like climbing a mountain and not being able to see the top – for a long while. I should really stop saying I’m doing an MBA, and say I’m doing a 6-week post graduate course in management.

This last bit made me think of a joke someone recently told me. I’m sure at least one of you will find it funny:

How do you know someone is doing an MBA?

They will tell you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 20.31.09

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