On Being a Good Manager or a Good Leader – Day 9

Earlier this week I saw this great talk on TED.com by Simon Sinek. It caught my eye because the title was ‘Why good leaders make you feel safe’. As part of my MBA, I will read about a range of subject areas, from management theory to strategy to corporate finance to marketing. The list goes on and on – and although I’m convinced it will all be very useful and will contribute to my development as a manager, my aim is not simply to just be a good manager.

As managers we have a wide range of obligations, and the role we, as individuals, play in order to execute these obligations is essential to the organisation. But it is not through my own individual contribution at work that I will make a real change; this will come from the individual members of my team and from those that I work closely with.

We all want to work with a good manager, even an excellent manager. But wouldn’t we rather work with a good leader?

I can’t say I agree with every single word in Sinek’s talk; and perhaps 12 minutes is not long enough for Sinek to fully explain the nuances of his concepts, but it poses some interesting questions and has definitely left me with some food for thought on creating safety and collaboration in my organisation.

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