The Point of No Return – Day minus 1

Friday, 07:46, Old Bethnal Green Road, London

Tomorrow I start my MBA at The Open University Business School. Unlike anything I’ve ever studied before, it’s a part-time, distance-learning qualification, and, depending on how well I cope with…

1. Getting up at 5:45am to study
2. Reading on my daily commute to and from work
3. Committing a significant chunk of my weekend to it,

…it will take around three years to complete. I’m given the option to take it even slower and complete it in 7 years, but I don’t see myself doing it in such a long time!

The main reasons I’ve chosen The OU MBA are as follows:

1. It seems to be a good course (but not in the top 10 UK programs
 I’ve found out)
2. It’s only £16k; unlike LBS that is £57k
3. It’s part-time and distance-learning – the only way I can practically embark on this
4. If I don’t finish all the modules, I still get a recognised post-graduate diploma or certificate

Although the course officially starts tomorrow, I’ve been preparing for it for about a month now, mainly to assess how I will be able to cope with everything when it all kicks off.

I don’t have an answer yet, by the way.


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