Thoughts While Waiting for a Haircut – Day minus 22

Saturday 11:13 am, Rocket Barber Shop, Hackney Road, London

Having failed to beat the morning rush hour traffic to this über trendy East London barber shop, I thought to myself what better time to start my reflective writing whilst I wait for my turn.

In three weeks I start my MBA at The Open University. Although mentally prepared for what inevitably will be an incredibly busy but also exciting time, I don’t think I actually know what will hit me when I formally start the course on Nov 4.

I’ve been thinking about doing an MBA for some time now; several years in fact. I guess what has put me off doing it was that:

1. I wanted to have a life
2. I was really happy in my job and wasn’t planning on leaving
3. I didn’t see the benefits of starting an MBA whilst in a middle management job

The fact that I’m now writing this blog, dubbed The Executive Kitchen, means that all of the above has changed. Well, except number 1 – I still want a life.

So how did this change come about?

To cut a long story short, a few months ago one of the formers directors of my (now former) employer wrote to me on LinkedIn and offered me to come on-board and run the commercial arm of a young, innovative STM publisher. I was poached, in other words. Whilst this was extremely flattering, and although I knew deep down I was going to say yes, I didn’t come to this decision lightly. I spent 13 years with my previous employer, having had a wide range of responsibilities and learnt, well everything I know as a professional (it was my first job after university). With this in mind, it’s not surprising feelings of dedication and loyalty were running high.

But not high enough for my head not to turn.

Having come to the realisation that I was going to move into my first director-level job for an SME of 55 employees, I also very quickly came to the realisation that doing an MBA was the right time. Having been thrown at the proverbial deep end all my professional life, I wanted to do things differently this time round.

Not only do I want to be successful in my new job (I started two months ago), I also feel responsible for the future direction and ultimately success of a whole bunch of people, so it’s kinda important that I give myself the best possible foundation to do a pretty good damn job.


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